Dove Release For Weddings – Why It’s The Next Big Thing In UK Weddings

Dove Release For Weddings – Why It’s The Next Big Thing In UK Weddings

There are many popular wedding trends that we’ve seen come and go over the years in the UK. Some good, some not so good.

Many were so popular they are now seen as the standard in any reputable wedding.

One such growing trend in Britain is the practice of dove releasing.

So what exactly does it mean to release doves?

Well, you may have recalled watching movies in the past where the bride and groom were stood outside the church about to have their wedding pics taken, only to both be holding two beautiful white doves, before releasing them into the sky.

Traditionally there are only 2 doves as part of the ceremony, to represent the husband and wife, although some couples opt for more doves, sometimes up to 10 doves in total.

Usually the doves arrive in a beautiful wicker basket in the shape of a heart or in the conventional square style.

This practice of releasing white doves symbolises the love and bond between the newlyweds and is often thought of as them “flying off” on the journey of life together.

What a beautiful way to celebrate the momentous occasion.

So if you also like to include dove release for weddings into your ceremony, to create a beautiful fairytale like effect for all your guests to marvel at, then please contact us using the contact page where we can talk about your needs and wants for your special day.